Exceptional Spindles Meet Exceptional 3D Printing Technology

Modern technology is growing at the speed of light, bringing new innovations every day that are advancing industries and lives. But every so often, a technology comes along that has the promise of changing everything—of creating things we never could have imagined.

Right now, that technology is 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. Every day, multiple times a day, there’s an announcement of another mind-blowing achievement 3D printing has made, from students in Singapore 3D printing solar cars to doctors creating actual cartilage through the technology.

Companies from GE to Boeing and Google are actively working in the 3D printing arena, and now, so are we.

Always on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, we at Dynomax have invested in The Stratus 400M,a new 3D printer, and it’s already proven to be a game-changer for us. The time savings are tangible, the cost effectiveness is significant, and the ability to go from concept to prototype, and from prototype to production, is extraordinary.

Using the same advanced printer used by industrial giants, we’re finding it cheaper, easier, and more efficient to make a prototype, and these savings, of course, are directly passed down to our clients. Combined with our high-tech CAD software and our engineers’ expertise, the possibilities and advancements are almost limitless.

Thanks to our latest investment, and our leap toward the future through 3D printing, Dynomax spindles will continue to be the epitome of precision, reliability, and quality, and will be delivered to customers as quickly and cost-efficiently as ever. We can’t wait to see what the near future holds!