Grow Your Manufacturing Career at Dynomax

It’s a confusing time for the US manufacturing sector, with calls to increase industrial jobs, while at the same time companies are struggling to fill open positions due to the skills gap. Part of the reason for this labor shortage is a general disinterest among young people, who are unfamiliar with the rewards of working for a high-tech manufacturing company.

Dynomax Inc. has been a market leader where high-precision machined components, injection molding and tooling, sub-assemblies, automated work cells, specialty machines and machine tool spindles are concerned. Over the past 30 years we have operated as an efficient, flexible family owned unit that views our team as more than just workers, and is invested in bringing the luster back to American manufacturing.

Solidarity, Mentorship & Work Life Balance:

Employment at Dynomax Inc. isn’t just about cashing in the paycheck or following orders. Boasting a flat organizational structure where the rigidity and restrictions of the power hierarchy do not stifle innovation, the workers enjoy a plethora of benefits:

  • Connections with peers and a strong sense of solidarity that is bolstered through holiday lunches, summer picnics and more. In the face of the growing isolation of virtual workplaces, Dynomax values human contact.
  • A variety of coverages suited to family needs and requirements. This includes medical and dental insurance, AD&D coverage at no extra cost and health initiatives like fitness classes.
  • Paid time off for vacations, holidays, jury duty and bereavement.
  • Competitive 401K retirement savings plans.
  • One-on-one mentorship with company experts and sponsored training to ensure familiarity with the latest tools and technologies serving manufacturing.

The last bullet point may actually be the most important – by supporting our employees through trainings and mentorship, we’re building a highly skilled workforce that can take us further into the future. To combat the skills gap, it’s vital for manufacturers to foster this type of growth environment.

Openings at Dynomax Inc:

Dynomax is looking for motivated and talented individuals for the full time positions of:

  1. Cost Estimator
  2. Drafter
  3. Metal Finishing Painter
  4. Project Manager

For more information about the vacancies including the responsibilities associated with the positions and desired traits of the applicants, please visit We look forward to welcoming you to the team!