Dr. Richard Zic (CEO and founder) formed Dynomax Inc. in 1986 to serve the machining needs of a variety of firms providing components and systems for the most demanding applications in aerospace and defense.

Dynomax’s initial successes were founded of the design and construction of proprietary metal cutting CNC vertical machining centers that incorporated state of the art machine tool control and construction techniques.

Dynomax’s commitment to continuous improvement led to continued success for the subsequent decade of operations. Increased research and development expenditure exposed new ideas and concepts that could be built into automated machining centers. These automation solutions would provide efficiency gains for a wide array of clients in a variety of manufacturing environments. Dynomax began sharing its methodologies for total quality management (TQM) and Lean production with market leaders in civil and military aerospace.

Today, after more than 25 years in business, Dynomax has grown to include operations in: machine tool spindles, specialty machines and automation solutions, precision injection molding, contract precision machining, robotics, and engineering consulting services. Dynomax has become a valued supply chain partner to many of the largest firms in the aerospace and defense sector. We also look to the future by searching for opportunities to share our expertise with emerging technology in the energy and medical markets. We strive to be the highest quality producer of manufactured components, because we understand that lives depend on our quality guarantee.

Since its inception, Dynomax has never wavered from the vision of its owner and founder, to be the highest quality and most efficient producer of system critical components.