Choosing the Right Spindle for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the right spindle, it’s important to understand when each type should be used. The following descriptions will help to clear up any confusion and get you to the perfect product for your needs.

Block Spindles

These spindles are used when high-quality belts are needed and for gear driven spindle solutions. Their applications are many and include: grinding, drilling, milling, boring, facing, and tuning. Block spindles come in a wide range of power and torque combinations by using multiple motor operations. They are made from high alloy steel and offer speeds of 0-15,000 rpm.

Cartridge Spindles

Cartridge spindles work great when you need to adapt them into an existing machine. They are easily installed and removed. Best used for grinding, milling, boring, drilling, turning, and facing, these spindles can stand alone or be used in conjunction with external motors. While these spindles can provide a higher level of power and torque, they do limit maximum speed. Like block spindles, they are made from high alloy steel and offer speeds of 0-15,000 rpm.

Standard Motorized Spindles

These spindles are true workhorses and can operated day and night year round. Although they only offer 1,500 - 7,200 rpm, they offer high accuracy, torque, and great reliability. There are multiple mounting options available to help with milling, grinding, boring, wheel dressers, and other applications. Custom dimensions are available with manufactured components made of high alloy steel, and other components made from Iron, Aluminum and/or Magnesium to reduce weight.

Specialty Spindles

With over 500 spindles to choose from, most customers find the perfect spindle. In the event a special design is needed, we offer engineering and manufacturing to meet any need, regardless of application.

High Speed Motorized Spindles

If it’s speed you need, we’ve got it up to 50,00 rpm, with run-outs as low as two microns. Used for a variety of applications, these spindles are state of the art, high speed, and maintain quality.

At Dynomax Inc. we also offer a Spindle Creator. This interactive tool can help spec spindles, allows users to see accessories, choose a new spindle, and provides a link to contact us should you have further questions.